Trinity is a HUD ‘Agency providing education, counseling and coaching for Low-Moderate Community Residents to help them accomplish their goals around homeownership and financial stability.

Trinity Empowerment works to
build our communities
one family at a time.
We offer services and resources to empower your dreams!
Trinity Empowerment is here to help in your homeownership process every step of the way!


First Time Homebuyers

Trinity Empowerment hosts classes to increase your knowledge and prepare you for the homeownership journey

Reverse Mortgages

Trinity Empowerment offers counseling services to discuss and understand all of your options and make an informed decision

Financial & Credit Empowerment

Trinity Empowerment works with you to achieve your financial goals, reduce debt, and improve your credit score

Referral Services

Working with Trinity Empowerment can connect you with Down Payment Assistance, Mortgage Lenders, Title Companies, Realtors, Insurance

Maintaining Your Home

Trinity Empowerment can provide coaching and prevention services to help you obtain a loan modification and prevent foreclosure


Giving to Trinity Empowerment is a rewarding experience! If you are passionate about housing advocacy & economic development.

Trinity Empowerment is here to help in your homeownership process every step of the way!


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[PART A] Introduction to Homeownership - ENGLISH Session

18Dec. 2021

[PART B] First Time Home Ownership Program

18Dec. 2021

[PART B] Español - First Time Home Ownership Program

22Dec. 2021

[PART A] Español - Introduccion a ser Dueño de su Casa